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Get in touch with our advanced, certified & experienced Garmin GPS update support Experts for any type of GPS update issues, Garmin complaints or Garmin Map error. GPS ? the global positioning system is a network of the satellites orbiting around the earth. These satellites cover two rotations around the earth in a day. Each of these satellites communicates with GPS devices to compute the precise location with the help of orbital parameters.

The distance between the satellite and the GPS receiver is calculated via the time being used to receive a transmitted signal. Thereafter, distances from several satellites are measured collectively. Further combining all these measurements the exact location of the user is calculated. So that is how your GPS device shows you’re running route or find the way to your favorite restaurant, golf course or anywhere.

But to keep your device updated and glitch-free, you must know about all ifs and buts about your device. And for this, you should thoroughly read the user’s manual. Also, in case of any confusion or any update issues, Garmin Help team is just a call away – 1-844-742-9742.

Garmin Updates And Garmin Map Error

Garmin express is the software that you need to download and install the latest map and software updates. These updates are provided by Garmin. Sometimes your device might get several numbers of updates within a year. This is to maintain the navigation accuracy. These updates are categorized into two types- Software Updates and Map Updates.

  • Software Updates: These updates are for the interface and operation processing of your device. Software updates don’t require much time to accomplish as they are usually small.
  • Map Updates: These updates are related to navigation and thus include latest changes to locations and roads. Most of these updates are for the Garmin devices that offer the free unlimited offline map. These updates- being the navigation updates contain huge information and hence are very big in size. Due to this, users may require some extra disk space. Also, Map updates may even take several hours to complete. But sometimes while executing the map update you might face the Garmin Map Error.

Resolution for Garmin Map Error

These are the adequate guidelines to troubleshoot any Garmin Map error:

  • Check the version of the Garmin Express. Make sure that the Garmin Express should not be outdated.
  • Ensure that you have the adequate disk space. Maps updates require huge storage spaces; some of these updates could even require 20GB available disk space.
  • Make sure that Internet settings are compatible with the Garmin Express. Apart from this, your computer must have an accurate date and the time settings. You can take reference from your ISP (Internet Service Provider) for more help.
  • If the computer or laptop in use is connected to a Wi-Fi connection, make sure signal strength is strong. Also, avoid using the public Wi-Fi networks.
  • For any query or help, you may opt for expert’s assistance at 1-844-742-9742.

Garmin Touch Screen Not Working

Garmin touch screen not working is usually happen when the device has lost the calibration due to prolonged use or because of the smudges, dirt, and improper care. Also, there might be an update issue or the hardware glitch in the device. But need not worry, just follow the resolutions given below to get rid of this issue and instantly improve your device’s performance.

Available Resolutions:

  • Calibrate your screen: The very first step to try is to calibrate your screen. Press and hold the power button for 15-20 seconds to turn off your device. Now again press and hold the power button for the next 30 seconds. Simply press the white screen to calibrate your screen.
  • Checking the Software: Outdates software is one of the primary reasons for the Touch Screen issues. So you must always keep your device updated with the latest firmware version.
  • Refer to the manual: Manual always offer great help for any type of issues. For the touchscreen issues, you can go to the maintenance and Storage Information section.
  • Check for Hardware Damage: Prolonged exposure to inadequate temperatures or environment – damages the hardware of the device. In such cases, the only available option is the Garmin HELP Line. And if the gadget is a Marine navigation gadget, then you may contact Garmin Marine Tech support.

New Garmin Won’t turn on

Many users have reported that their new Garmin won’t turn on. The only thing appears on the screen is the Garmin Logo. There can be any reason for this. For some, it can be the connector’s issues and for others, it might be the charging issues. However, the best solution for this issue is to thoroughly read the user manual of your device prior to initiating the device setup process.

Available Resolutions:

  • Completely Charge your device: As per the Garmin instructions, you must completely charge your device prior to the first use. In-complete charging will result in Garmin Device not turning on issue.
  • Clean the Connectors: Connectors are the key functional part of your Garmin Device. Sometimes these connectors become dysfunctional due to dirt. This prevents the device to connect with the charger by creating a barrier. So you must thoroughly clean the connectors prior to connecting the charger.
  • Reset your Device: If the above-stated solutions don’t work for you, then you need to manually reset your device. You can refer to the device manual for the adequate steps.
  • Get assistance from Experts: Sometimes the issues are core-technical and require Expert’s assistance. You can get a free diagnosis of your device from Garmin Help team or from the Garmin Marine Tech Support as per your device.