Garmin GPS Support Welcomes You Aboard

Garmin GPS devices are highly advanced GPS gadgets and are extremely used as tracking devices, in the aviation, marine and the automobile industries. These devices are not just one of the world’s best GPS gadgets but also have some really special features such as:

  • Multi –Touchscreen for the best User Interface.
  • In-structural routes for a hassle-free journey.
  • Three-dimensional guidance and physical directions for flawless navigation.
  • 3-D photos of junctions.
  • Guide for foursquare search information.
  • Chargeable Magnetic mount which keeps the device safely positioned to the dashboard.
  • Pinch and zooming controls in the capacitor screens.
  • Availability of traffic signals, landmark, and structures in the maps.
  • Clearly visible images of Road junctions to prevent accidents.

But occasionally to prove that they are gadgets, they might provide you with some interruptions that we call as GPS issues or problems.

Common Garmin GPS Issues Reported By Users

Though Garmin is a highly reputed company and their products are known to be the most reliable GPS tracking gadgets, the technology can still arouse issues and concerns. These errors results in causing the device to stop functioning or in other malfunction. Here is the list of common Garmin complaints reported by the users and how they could deal with them:

  1. Setup and activation concerns: The common setup and activation issues can be deal with the help of the information provided in the product’s user manual. Else, you could also get in touch with the support engineers of the Garmin Support.
  2. Issues with the Registration of device: For all types of registration queries and concerns, Garmin customer service professionals are available 24*7 at 1-844-742-9742.
  3. Frequent shutdown or not turning on: The possible causes for these errors are the poorly charged or dead batteries. So make sure the batteries are properly charged, and are in working condition to avoid these issues including New Garmin Won’t turn on.
  4. Garmin Map error while attempting to update: These issues are mostly related to the Garmin express. If your Garmin express is outdated or is not functioning properly then chances are high that you will have to face the Garmin Map error. But worry not, Garmin offers all time available support such as Garmin Marine Support, Garmin Aviation Support, Garmin Nuvi Support etc so that no issue can interrupt your journey.
  5. GPS screen issues: Garmin screen issues such as Garmin touch screen not working or a blank screen get aroused when the firmware of your device becomes outdated. So check the firmware of your device time to time. The next possible cause is the WAAS settings. You have to disable the WAAS in order to resolve this issue. And in the most unfavorable scenarios, you can seek assistance from Garmin Support Executives at Garmin Marine Support USA helpline – 1-844-742-9742.
  6. Problem with the Batteries: Usually batteries of the Garmin GPS not get drained before 12 hours if you have fully charged your device. However, due to errors in charging or device malfunction charge can drain out in just less than 4 hours.  If so is the case with you, then you must immediately contact the Garmin Support.
  7. Live Tracking Issues or the Location errors: Location and live tracking errors are connected to the map updates. Since new buildings are being made every day all over the US, these updates get enrolled to the gadget via the map updates. So to avoid live tracking issues or the location errors you must keep the GPS map updated to the latest version.

What we can do for you?

We at Garmin Support are committed to providing highly effective and efficient Garmin help to all Garmin GPS users for every GPS related issues. Our support team consists of highly experienced GPS engineers that are updated with the latest technology used by the Garmin GPS devices.  We offer instant help remotely in the shortest possible time.