Garmin GPS Tracking

Garmin GPS tracking gadgets are the specialized GPS gadgets which are used to track the real-time events. Either it’s the GPS running watch, fitness tracker, or even golf watch these are quickly wearable and can be carrying anywhere. Garmin provides reliable & efficient cutting edge GPS trackers and system, which abundance of users and businesses trust. Garmin only uses none other than the most advanced GPS tracking technologies to keep your journey both – hassle as well as interrupt free.

How Garmin GPS works?

The Garmin GPS devices are linked with the GPS satellites that circle the earth twice a day. Each of this satellite provides a unique signal and the orbital parameters to the GPS device. These parameters are further decoded to compute the precise location of the satellite. Thereafter, this distance is measured a few more times via different satellites. And that is how you get to know the whereabouts of any new restaurant in your locality, your tracking or running route or about anywhere that you would like to find navigation for.

About Garmin Live Tracking

Live tracking is the prominent feature of the Garmin GPS devices and is used to share your location and ride data with your friends, family, and dear ones. Garmin Edge series gadgets are the most famous for their live tracking feature. The real-time tracking is free of cost once it is set successfully. But, to set up the real-time tracking status is not that easy especially if you’re a new user to Garmin gadgets. So you must first be well aware of all the steps precisely to avoid any technical failure, Garmin live tracking issues or any other Garmin complaints. And these are those steps:

  • Prerequisites: For real-time monitoring, you need these three things: GPS device, Garmin connects mobile application, and the membership (free).
  • Sign up: Sign up or create the account and login to Garmin official website.
  • Mobile app: If you’re using the iPhone then go to the app store to download the Garmin connect. And if you are an Android user then use the play store.
  • Sign in to the app: After the successful installation of the app, sign in to the Garmin Connect app using the credentials of your online Garmin account.
  • Sync the device: Pair the device to your phone via the Bluetooth platform. Simply turn on the Bluetooth on your phone and select the GPS device from the list.
  • Enable tracking activation: To enable tracking, simply go to the Garmin connect application and tap on the live track from the menu.  Not only this, from here you can invite anyone to whom you wish to share your route or location.

Garmin Map Error

While using the live tracking functionality unwanted Garmin Map error can lead to serious concerns. However, the chances are very low of originating such scenarios due to the flawless navigation of the Garmin devices, but still, these errors can’t be ignored. To avoid such interruptions in the live tracking functionality, follow these steps:

  • Keep your Garmin Express and Connect Updated: Ensure that your both apps- Garmin Express and Garmin connect must be updated to the latest version.
  • Maintaining Disk Space: Map updates require an immense amount of free disk space, so you must manage your disk space accordingly.

Don’t use public Wi-Fi:  Always prefer the domestic internet connection over the open free public Wi-Fi networks.

Garmin Touch Screen Not Working

If your Garmin touch screen is not working while you attempt to use the Garmin Live GPS tracking then these steps are worth to try:

  1. Calibrate the screen by pressing and holding the power button for at least 20 seconds and then press the white area of your gadget’s screen.
  2. Try restarting the device.
  3. Check the firmware of the gadget, it should not be outdated.
  4. Refer to the user’s manual of your gadget. You can find lot of useful information there about this and also for various other things.

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