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Garmin Ltd – one of the world’s topmost GPS gadgets manufacturing firms was established in 1989 at Lenexa, Kansas US. The name “Garmin” was derived from the combination of the names of its two founders – Garry Burrell and Min Kao. Garmin GPS devices are the top recommended navigation devices worldwide.

The Garmin GPS gadgets are remarked best for their flawless navigation. But still, occasionally these gadgets might show some glitches. And to handle those glitches, we are available 24/7 – whenever and wherever needed.

Garmin GPS support for Garmin Map Error

Garmin Map error are the errors that you encounter while executing Garmin Map updates. Garmin provides various map updates throughout the year, for new navigation updates such a new street or building. These updates maintain the accuracy of the navigation and keep your map up-to-date.

These errors can create big trouble if you are out somewhere at an Unknown location. However, with these easy to implement troubleshooting steps, you can save both – time as well as energy.

  1. If there’s a memory card in your device, remove the card and re-insert it.
  2. Ensure that the map that you’re looking for should not be locked.
  3. If the memory card that you’re currently using has been used earlier on a different device then either you need to delete the map or to reinstall the map.
  4. In case if the issue occurred after updating the maps, try re-installing the maps.

If you’re confused and don’t know the exact cause of the issue then simply contact Garmin Help Team at 1-844-742-9742.

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Garmin Marine Tech support

With the development in technology, GPS has just not only limited to the Land. Marine GPS is the answer to the all the queries of boaters for finding the adequate navigations without signals or light. And when it comes to marine navigation, Garmin Marine GPS gadgets are not very unfamiliar.

The marine GPS gadgets are available in two different categories – one with the internal antennas and others have external antennas. The gadgets with smaller antennas are used on smaller boats. These gadgets require the direct line of sight to the satellites that is why these are used in the small boats with no cover. The other types of gadgets, the one with the external antennas are used in huge ships and their antennas are installed on the top-most part.

With Garmin Marine Gadgets, users get the Garmin Marine Tech Support service for any related issues or query. You can call the support Experts at 1-844-742-9742 at any time of the day. We will be glad to assist with all the Garmin Complaints you may have.

Garmin Touch screen not working

If your Garmin touch screen is not working then chances are high that the screen has lost its calibration either due to prolonged usage or due to the outdated firmware. Apart from that, smudges or dust particles can also be the causes of this issue. But there’s nothing to worry, as we are always here to help. Let us guide you with the instant and effective troubleshooting steps.

Update the Firmware: Check for the firmware and the software of your device. And in case these are outdated, update them.

Try Calibrating the screen: Turn off your device and then press and hold the power button for 30 seconds. Thereafter, gently press the white portion of the screen.

Take reference from User-Manual: Refer to the “maintenance and storage information” section for any touch-screen related issues.

Tip: If none of the above steps worked for you, then contacting the Garmin Experts will offer you instant help. We are available for you 24/7 at 1-844-742-9742 (Toll-Free).